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      Opt in for energy-efficient lighting solution with very low maintenance cost! Our LED lights have a high brightness output while keeping very low heat output. These tubes are composed of state-of-the-art, shatterproof materials and engineered to last in a wide range of environments


      These clear LED tube lights are compatible with most existing fixtures. Fluorescent replacement is simple and LED retrofit can be done easily with a ballast bypass (direct wire) installation.


      • Workspace and warehouse lighting
      • Grocery stores and retailers
      • Kitchen lighting, office, ospitals lights
      • School buildings, classrooms and hallways
      • Supermarket, Garage, Shops, etc.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 20 reviews
      Richard H.
      Frosted tubes very nice light. One tube was clear-wrong one

      3 tubes delivered were frosted which is what I ordered. They are fine. Really bright, nice. However, one was clear which I cannot use because it is too bright. Can I get a frosted replacement for the clear one?

      Clarence R. Green
      Tubes are very rigid and substantial.

      One half the circumference of the tubes is metal, which makes them very strong. No flexing at all during installation. Being double-ended, it doesn't matter which end goes where in the fixture; they work either way. This will be a handy feature when they have to be replaced. Wiring the fixture is easy - just tie all wires together at each end. One end is hot, the other neutral. Impossible to get the wires to the tombstones mixed up. Packaging is very good . . . a box in a box in a box. Arrived on time.

      Super easy DIY install

      Excellent solution, super easy DIY install, just cut off the old ballasts, wire one side of the lights to N the other side to L and viola- bright sharp light - took 30 minutes to do 12 lights - excellent product

      Lou D
      This was the best decision I could have made to replace the old bulbs and ballast with the new leds!

      What I liked about these bulbs was the ease of installation. They are bright and light up the whole laundry room! I definitely recommend this product!

      Frank Eichelberger
      Fast shipping and as described, looks great!

      Fast shipping and as described, looks great!