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      Size: 12 Inch , 6 PcsPower : 48wColor Temperature:5000K DaylightCRI : >80Luminous Flux : 3600 lumensWorking Environment : -4-95¨HSafe low voltage : 12V/DC cabinet light barsWhole set IP Rating Ip20 for indoor use only

      Easy to install, plug and play, no extra wiring needed.

      • 6 * LED bar
      • 1 * LED Dimmer
      • 1 * AC Adapter
      • 5 * 1M Extension Cord
      • 18 * Adhesive tape
      • 12 * Clips, Cable mount, Screw, Cable clips


      Adopt high quality led chips,sustained and stable performance. Long lifespan and reliable quality for home use.


      High color rendering index up to 85,reduce eye fatigue.High brightness,large lighting area without dead corner.


      Adjust the brightness 0-100% by the included LED dimmer, your setting will be kept until you adjust it again.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 19 reviews
      Better than expected

      Very easy install. Very bright. These lights were all organized inside a box with instructions. I used the adhesive to mount the lights to the bottom of my cabinets. The cord ties with adhesive pads were also very useful to clean up all the extra cord that wasn't needed. All the wires are like earphone jacks and plug into each other, so there is no wire ties. The dimmer is also great feature for when just having the lights on as a warm glow. Highly recommend!


      WOW!!!! Much more than I was expecting. Most light companies over exaggerate the brightness in there descriptions. For only being 12 long I was a little concerned it would not light up my safe. I have 2 installed on each of the sides and top. So far I'm extremely happy with how they work. All the necessary parts are included. I am going to install a motion sensor so I don't have to worry about turning on and off.

      Sri Reddy
      Really Bright

      Well designed and made of a good quality Material. The kit comes with all the accessories that are required for the installation and some extra cables depending on the installation. Installed it in less than an hr as it is just peel and stick the 3M tapes and clip the cables under the cabinet. The dimmer is very help full and can be placed in a convenient location.
      Overall this is a good product and i strongly recommend this product to a friend or family.

      Looks great!

      These were easy to install and look great. Our kitchen is fairly dark since we have darker colored cabinets and countertops so these LEDS really do brighten up the kitchen work surfaces. The dimmer is nice to have. We usually leave them on low at night or while we are watching TV. This set will work with a smart switch too.

      Irwin Electronics
      VERY NICE! What a difference! We LOVE it. Adhesion and longevity remain to be seen.

      I was going to install these with screws and clips, I still may. But these lights are seriously lite! They're tiny little things that can't weigh more than a few ounces each. 3 strips of 3M on each should be MORE than enough to keep them up indefinitely. I cleaned the underside of the cabinets with a little Fantastik on a paper towel to cut any grease that might have been there. The hardest part of the install was crossing the Microwave! I was going to drill the cabinets and run the wires through the inside. Instead I removed 4 of the screws from the bottom plate of the microwave, tucked the wire inside and replaced the screws. It's completely hidden, semi-permanent, and no holes. If you decide to to the same be careful of the bulbs. If you have the original bulbs, they can get very hot, be sure you wire is out of the way. I replaced mine with LED a few months ago. The color of the microwave light matches the under cabinet lights. What most important is the wife LOVES the whole install. She says it looks amazing and that I did an awesome job. I'm pretty proud of it too. Not bad for a couple hours of work. Why so long? crossing the microwave and crossing the corner between the cabinets with no visible wires. Now to add a little switch next to the light switch to turn the set on and off. Thankfully the power adapter is also lightweight. A couple of strips should keep it securely fastened under the cabinet too. Photos of the completed project are attached.