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      Easy Installation

      • Dual-end Powered Bulbs
      • Must remove the ballast or starter
      • Instant on & No Flickering
      • Working Temperature:-30-50 degree

      High Efficiency and Energy Saving

    • 100~110 lumens output per watt
    • Low power consumption and low thermal output
    • Long lifespan:up to 50000 hours
    • Wide Applications

    • Workspace and warehouse lighting
    • Grocery stores and retailers
    • School buildings, classrooms
    • Office ceiling lights
    • Specifications

      Length: 24"(2ft)
      Power: 8 Watt
      Base: G13 Bi-pin (Dual-End Powered)
      Luminous Flux: 1120LM
      Correlated Color Temperature (CCT): 5000K
      Transparent PC Cover
      Beam Angle:120 Degree
      Input Voltage: AC85-265V
      Working Temperature:-22-122°F
      Color Rendering Index(CRI): 80

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 27 reviews
      Clarence C.

      These tubes were used to light a three tiered unit, two of collectibles and a bottom tier of plants. WOW! They make the dust on the collectibles parkle and I know the plants will thrive. These tubes are wonderful!
      And I want to thank the company and other buyers who answered questions to stir me in the right direction in removing the ballasts. It really is an easy installation.

      Great Lighting

      These are bright and use half the power of fluorescent bulbs. I installed them in my drop ceiling fixtures and they are perfect. They throw plenty of light but aren't Harsh on the yes. They fit perfectly into the 36" existing T-12 or T-8 fixtures. I had to bend one of the fixture ends in to fit better but that was the fault of the fixture, not the bulb. They (Fixtures) are all mounted on sheet metal after all and wear/bend over time..

      Pros: Bright Lights. Low wattage. Easy on the eyes.

      Cons: if you aren't comfortable converting the existing fixtures to these bulbs, get someone who is. It's not rocket science.

      Easy installation, perfect fit, highly recommended

      I just completed installation of two 4ft long bulbs in my garage. The fixture in which I installed these bulbs was already modified by me to accept LED bulbs. I had previously removed the ballast. I will, however, describe the steps required to perform this modification.

      A word of caution. LED replacement bulbs only emit light on one side of the tube. Ideally you would like to install a bulb into the tombstones and twist it 90 degrees. When you do that you might find that it is not illuminating the area you wanted lit. In practice, you could get by only twisting the bulb 45 degrees in the tombstone. But that's not ideal and any vibration could conceivably cause the bulb to loosen and drop out of the tombstones. My photos show the tombstone orientation on my fixture. There is a small green rotating bushing in my tombstone which rotates after I insert the tube and twist it 90 degrees. This is ideal for my installation and you should carefully check your fixtures before purchasing any LED bulbs.

      Installation involves disconnecting the fluorescent ballast. It is quick and easy if you have do-it-yourself skills but I have another warning. The bulbs ship without wire nuts. This is probably a good thing. If you don't know what a wire nut is then you should absolutely hire an electrician to do the modification. Installation goes quickly. If you are paying an electrician by the hour and generously allow 10 minutes per fixture you should be able to have up to 5 fixtures modified in under one hour.

      I started the modification by switching off AC power at the wall switch but a safer way would be to turn off the circuit breaker. After removing the plastic diffuser there was a metal cover concealing the ballast which was easy to remove without any tools. I then cut all of the ballast wires close to the ballast. I chose to remove the ballast but I could also have left the now disabled ballast in place. My photos show the ballast removed and the metal cover removed.

      The fact that these bulbs have electrical connections at both ends negates the need to perform any type of modification to the tombstone(s) themselves. Single ended LED replacement bulbs would have created a problem for me. By purchasing double ended bulbs, you don't need to do an evaluation of your fixture prior to installation.

      The manufacturer should include stickers to apply within the fixture to warn future home owners that these are no longer standard fluorescent fixtures. Since they did not supply stickers you should make up a notice and tape it inside the fixture.

      Wiring requires you to connect the incoming black and white power wires to the tombstone(s) at opposite ends of the fixture. Since you cut the wires off at the ballast you already have red, blue, and or possibly yellow wires pre-connected to the tombstone(s). These are the wires that you will join to the black and white power wires. The tombstone(s) at one end connect to the white wire and the tombstone(s) at the other end connect to the black wire. You'll need wire nuts to accomplish this. You may need additional wire to reach each end if for example the incoming power cable is at the far end of the fixture. My photos show how I connected the incoming black and white wires to the blue and red wires going to the tombstones.

      I included a photo showing the new LED bulb next to the original fluorescent bulb. The good news is that the bulbs are exactly the same length and the pins are identical. As a result, your new LED bulbs will easily slip into place.

      Take note of the Kelvin temperature of the LED bulbs. The original fluorescent bulbs were 4100K and these new LED replacement bulbs are rated 5000-5500K. The higher the number the whiter the light. The lower the temperature the warmer the light. These bulbs give off a very white light. Brightness is the same but the color is whiter.

      Overall, I am very pleased with these LED replacement bulbs. They were packed very well for shipment, installed easily in my fixture and gave off about the same amount of light as the original fluorescent bulbs. They are priced very reasonably and will save me money on my electric bill.

      I have previous experience making e-mail contact with this manufacturer regarding questions I had about my kitchen over-the-counter lighting. They are very easy to contact and they provide clear answers to questions and they provide instructions if needed. I highly recommend the bulbs and the manufacturer to you.


      I have installed LED to replace traditional tubes and ballasts, but these were significantly easier to install with one wire at each end of the tombstone and no ballasts to worry about. You can totally remove the ballasts and with the basic positive wire at one end and the negative at the have now installed your LED. The shipping was fast and well packaged; none of the 4 LED lights were damaged and the Seller reached out almost immediately to ensure you were satisfied. Great product which will repay its cost many times over plus no more tube replacements multiple times a year.

      Works great. Installed for a full year.

      I installed these in several closets where the ballasts were dying on fluorescent fixtures. Plenty bright enough in small closets (1 tube per closet). For these overheating reviews on any of these LED tubes, I wonder if the users uninstalled/properly bypassed the ballast in the old fixture. You have to rewire Fluorescent fixtures with these LED's not just a simple bulb exchange! And you should *want* to: Ballasts waste electricity and can become noisy as they get old.