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      • FEATURES

        D-shape three-row LED, 288 pieces LED Chips, high output, is brighter than the one-row and two-row chips lights.

        • The plastic cover is safer than a glass bulb cover. The frosted cover is designed for anti-glare eye protection, while the Transparent cover is brighter for downlight illumination.
        • Cut energy costs by 50%
        • Mercury-free, No health hazard
        • Easy to install, Lightweight, Long lifespan.


      • Power: 36Watt
      • Luminous Flux: 4680lm
      • LEDs: 288pcs SMD 2835 LED Chips
      • Length: 4Foot (47.75" including pins)
      • Color Temperature: 6000K Cool White
      • Beam Angle: 300 Degree
      • Base: G13 base Bi-Pin led tube
      • Lifespan: 50,000 Hours

      Tube Type

      • T8 4 FT LED Tube Light Bulbs
      • Require a simple, energy-saving ballast bypass (direct wire) installation
      • Dual-end powered; Not dimmable
      • NOTE: REMOVE or BY-PASS the existing ballast


      There are a total of 288 led lamp beads, which emit a bright light, have a high brightness output while keeping very low heat output. It replaces the old-fashioned, inefficient fluorescent light bulb, has better color and brightness, Ability to light up immediately and provides more light for fluorescent tubes.


      These clear LED tube lights are compatible with most existing fixtures. Fluorescent replacement is simple and LED retrofit can be done easily with a ballast bypass (direct wire) installation.


      Grocery stores and retailers

      School buildings, classrooms, and hallways
      Kitchen lighting, office, hospital lights
      Workspace and warehouse lighting
      Supermarket, Garage, Shops, etc.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 20 reviews
      Great garage lights!

      These LED lights in the 6000 series put out just about the right amount of light for my 26' x 26' garage. Wiring them up was a bit of a challenge by myself. I'm familiar with the basics of 120v wiring, but removing the ballast and wiring these directly to 120v had me scratching my head, even with their wiring diagram on the web page. Maybe its because I had two lights connected together. First attempt at wiring I could only get 1 of the 2 per fixture to light up. Second attempt at wiring tripped my breaker. I was ready to call my electrician buddy to come help. Finally found the right combo of 1 common and 2 hots per fixture to make it all work together.

      They work.

      They work good. As described

      Marc G
      Great LED bulbs!

      These LED bulbs were easy to install and have literally cast daylight on the previously dark garage. We will see how long they last now.

      Harry B.
      My kitchen is as bright as a operating room in a hospital

      I removed the ballast. I cut wires very close to the ballast. I joined all the wires at one end together and then joined them to the black AC wire from the ceiling. I joined the wires from the other end to the white AC wire.

      What a difference!

      Firstly, they arrived on time.

      Secondly, they were packaged very well I though. All the ends had caps on them and each bulb was individually wrapped. The four bulbs came in a sturdy square box too.

      Then install was straight forward. I had a preexisting light fixture I wanted to use I disassembled it and removed the ballast literally just rewiring the ends to the same color wire ends. I'd go on YouTube for further instructions.

      It works great! I have a motion sensor attached to mine in my shed so I don't have to worry about a light switch or forgetting to turn it off. Very happy!!