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      Product Model YK-GL

      Package comes with 1 set of LED Grow light fixture and the mounting accessories.

      * Hanging cords?* 2

      *Ceiling mount screws *2

      *Power cord *1 & endcap *1

      Warning Tips

      Indoor Use only, IP54, Non-waterproof
      • Recommended Height 0.3-1.5m
      • High Output Great Heat dissipation Low power consumption
      Remember to put on the endcap of the other end of the fixture for electric safety.

        Greenhouse farming hydroponics city farm vertical farm agriculture

        • Used in the fruiting plant. It can promote the yield, improve the taste and sweetness of the fruit. To make the fruit even and full.

        Home gardening small grow tent pot plants flowers

        • For succulents. The overall shape of the plant will be even and full, and the leaves will be firm. It helps to color, bright and symmetrical.

        Laboratory Breeding Vegetables indoor plants growing

        • For flowers. Flower color will be more vivid, early flowering, and prolong flowering.
        • For foliage plants, the foliage is more green and lush. Promote the growth of plant roots.
        • Seed starting, seedling etc.

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