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       How Does LED Plant Grow Lights Work?

      • 4 IR LEDs(730-735nm) -- good for flower and fruit.
      • 4 UV LEDs(390-395nm) -- seeding and sterilization.
      • 72 BLUE LEDs(460-470nm) -- help plants with chlorophyll synthesis.
      • 8 WHITE LEDs(6500k) -- increase temperature and enhance photosynthesis.
      • 212 RED LEDs(620-660nm) -- contribute to photosynthesis,germination,flowering and results.


      • 1x Power Cord With Timer
      • 1x User Manual
      • 1x 60W Plant Grow Light
      • 1x Steel Hanging Kits

      Relative energy spectrum percentage
      Red: 650~660nm
      Enhances Blooming and Fruiting
      Blue: 460~470nm
      Triggers Growth and Boosts Photosynthesis for Health Leaves
      UV: 395~400nm
      Seedling and Sterilization
      IR: 730~735nm
      Good for Flower and Fruit
      White: Full Spectrum

      Adjustable Angel of LED UV Grow Light-Convenient,Easy,Efficiency

      90° Degree of UV LED Grow Light, Widely Spread Wavelength of indoor plants needed light, promote growing, flowering, fruiting. 60° Degree of UV LED Grow Light,gathering light to indoor plants of specific stage of growth,such as blooming,fruiting.

      Designed Timer on Led UV Grow Light
      It will auto turn on and off at the same time in the next day after timer set.

      This LED UV Grow Light comes with steel hanging kit, can be adjust height as needed,can be higher or lower for indoor plant. The LED UV Grow Light equipped with timer on cord,self turn on and off at the same time of the next day when timer mode set. The LED UV Grow Light suitable for all kinds of indoor plants,promote all indoor plants grow stage and accelerate growth time.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 2 reviews
      Great light!

      Very bright and lightweight. Does not get hot. Nice little grow light!

      Jhun Calvin Jr.

      A very wide adjustable grow light but surprisingly lightweight. Works best for flowering plants and has all the accessories needed to put on a ceiling or overhead cabinet/shelves. Never gets hot to the touch even when use for a longer period. Timer works as described.