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      Easy Installation

      • Turn off the power.
      • Remove the fluorescent bulb/lamp and the ballast(must remove ballast)!
      • Rewire one side wires of the Circline T9 LED lamp to NEUTRAL and rewire the other side wires to HOT
      • Turn on the power.


      • Power: 10W
      • Luminous Flux: 1200LM
      • Input Voltage: AC85-265V 50/60Hz
      • Color Temperature: 6000K Daylight
      • Is Dimmable: No
      • Beam Angle: 180 Degree
      • Diameter: 8Inch (205MM)
      • LED Working Temperature:-30-50 degree
      • Color Rendering Index(CRI): 80


      • Energy saving of 55% from 22 watts to 10 watts with 1200 lumens output.
      • Long life span of >50,000 hours.
      • Daylight of 6000K color temperature.
      • High lumen output : 110-120 lumens/watt

        Saving more than 55% electric bill to replace 22W FC8T9/CW fluorescent circular lamp.

        This 8 inch circline T9 LED lamp replaces the 22 watt circline fluorescent FC8T9 bulb. It also can replace 9 inch fluorescent FC9T9 bulb on the principle of electricity.

        Have an outstanding life rating of 50,000+ hours!

        These 8“ led circle ceiling light can last 20+ years depending on use, eliminating maintenance costs and reducing relamp frequency.

        No flickering, no radio interference.

        Starts faster than the fluorescent tube, no flickering, no radio interference. And 80+ CRI is healthy to our eyes.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 10 reviews
        Larry Alex
        So much better than fluorescent.

        I have a Lite Source LSM-180 magnifier lamp where I removed the ballast and replaced the fluorescent bulb with an LED T9 8" circular bulb a couple of years ago. Why? The heat of the bulb near the plug kept ruining the lenses and turning them yellow. Also, the LED bulbs are closer to daylight, brighter than fluorescent and last longer... in theory. However, after a couple of years, the electronics in my old bulb, (not from JSLED) went bad and it was flashing. I thought I'd try a JSLED bulb and I love it. Not only did it just work right out of the package, as I already removed the ballast from the lamp, but it looks brighter and closer to daylight than my old one. Now comes the real test as what I've seen with LED replacements is that it's the electronics that always fail before the LEDs themselves. I have my fingers crossed.

        Excellent customer service (3 years worry free guaranty).

        We should have done this sooner. We have two T9 fluorescent fixtures in the kitchen, and Ive changed the ballasts three times in the last two years (its a pain). The one in the fan was changed twice since last year. After the installation, no more worries. The fixtures are cooler and hopefully.I will not need to replace light bulb for about five to six years. Great product and very easy to bypass ballasts (disconnect and removed). The wiring was easy too, white to white and black to gray.The green is for grounding.Thank you JESLED

        Great purchase

        Very easy to install & great bright light

        paul plebanek
        great lighting

        i see to many thing that to be clean. ill be busy

        Replacement light is good.

        Replaced a failed fluorescent circuline with this. The fit was OK the function was great. The ballast bypass design is a little more difficult to install but is well worth it in efficiency in my opinion.