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      Take good care of your baby plants for 365 days

      Grow light for indoor plants makes your garden life more easier

      • Want plants grow more healthy,more vivid?
      • Always forget whether set a time or not of grow light for indoor plants?
      • Old Indoor plants Grow Lights too dim?
      • Old Grow Lights does only comes light,no adpater, no plug?
      • Old Grow Lights wire is too short to reach the plants area.


      • 4 modes full spectrum sunlight& 360° all round light help plants to become healthy.
      • Grow light for indoor plants lumens reach up to 2400lm, super bright.
      • Timer Screen to show hours set&hours left,easy,convenient.
      • Comes with one adpater plug&one usb plug,freely convert as needed.
      • 56 inch wire & 15 inch-gooseneck to ensure grow lights enough long to reach plants area.


      • Please read the user manual before you install and use.
      • Please pear off the plastic sheet from the tube before use.
      • Would be better to keep the distance between the light and plant in 20-30cm.

      Strong Clamp

      • It can clip up to a 2.5 inch wide panel. You can clip up on desk, table, shelf, any panel allows apply. The clip provides a very strong grip and stays stable even after very long time use.

      Control Panel

      • Turn on/off button
      • Dimmable Modes button:10% to 100% Brightness.
      • Switch Color modes button: red, blue, warm white, red &blue combination.
      • Auto On/Off Timer: 3, 6, 9 and 12 hours.

          Flexible Goose-Neck

          • The 360-degree rotatable necks allow you adjust the distance between light and plants of different grow stage,better take care of your indoor plants grow, become and stay healthy.

          High Class Leds

          • Grow light for indoor plants comes with 66 leds provides efficiency light for plants ,also dimable 9 level brightness suitable for all growing stage for plants.

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