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      Take good care of your baby plants for 365 days

      Grow light for indoor plants makes your garden life more easier

      • Want plants grow more healthy,more vivid?
      • Always forget whether set a time or not of grow light for indoor plants?
      • Old Indoor plants Grow Lights too dim?
      • Old Grow Lights does only comes light,no adpater, no plug?
      • Old Grow Lights wire is too short to reach the plants area.


      • 4 modes full spectrum sunlight& 360° all round light help plants to become healthy.
      • Grow light for indoor plants lumens reach up to 2400lm, super bright.
      • Timer Screen to show hours set&hours left,easy,convenient.
      • Comes with one adpater plug&one usb plug,freely convert as needed.
      • 56 inch wire & 15 inch-gooseneck to ensure grow lights enough long to reach plants area.


      • Please read the user manual before you install and use.
      • Please pear off the plastic sheet from the tube before use.
      • Would be better to keep the distance between the light and plant in 20-30cm.

      Strong Clamp

      • It can clip up to a 2.5 inch wide panel. You can clip up on desk, table, shelf, any panel allows apply. The clip provides a very strong grip and stays stable even after very long time use.

      Control Panel

      • Turn on/off button
      • Dimmable Modes button:10% to 100% Brightness.
      • Switch Color modes button: red, blue, warm white, red &blue combination.
      • Auto On/Off Timer: 3, 6, 9 and 12 hours.

          Flexible Goose-Neck

          • The 360-degree rotatable necks allow you adjust the distance between light and plants of different grow stage,better take care of your indoor plants grow, become and stay healthy.

          High Class Leds

          • Grow light for indoor plants comes with 66 leds provides efficiency light for plants ,also dimable 9 level brightness suitable for all growing stage for plants.

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 29 reviews
            This is a keeper

            Easy to use
            Has a timer not only to shut off but it will come on completly on its own
            Idk how it does that BUT its great
            It doesn't radomly turn on - there's way that it will come on at the preset time again idk how I was able to do that BUT its great !


            This is a great beginning plant light it comes with a timer and mulit color light setting it puts off a little bit of heat it's a quality product for aloe or small succulents maybe a beginner garden it's really bright

            Amber Sanderson
            Does not get too hot

            This product remains cool to the touch so if little ones happen by it there's no burns. EASY as pie to operate, plants and I both love it.

            No one
            It's great full-spectrum plant growth light

            The lamp is the perfect height for my plants. I love how adjustable the arm is. Not only i can control the brightness by the controller panel, I can also change how much light my plants receive by moving the light up/down or changing the angle of the light. With the addition of this light, my philodendron started growing super fast. plant's leaves have been curling due to insufficient light, and as soon as they got this light, the leaves reverted back to being healthy. It's also so much easier to move the arm instead of rotating heavy pots.
            This particular product is excellent and as far exceeded my expectations so far is functionality and value. It is so convenient to be able to clip these grow lights anywhere you want. Further they provide so many options, such as the LED display timer, flexibility to aim where needed, and being able to turn on 3, 6, 9, 12 hours, At the same time, the controller can adjust 4 light modes, red, blue, red+blue, and warm white full spectrum. 9 light intensity (10%-100%). The clamp is very strong to hold the light firmly in place, even at unusual angles.
            All and all while this product worked we really enjoyed it. We appreciated the LED timer feature. The light was bright enough to be used as the primary light source to sustain of our plants is very easy to use and it is great for baby plants. I would get this light as a supplement to a stronger LED setup.

            E. Hager
            The control box is the reason you want this one vs all the other practically identical plant lights.

            I really like the control panel of this one and is why I chose this particular one over all of the other options that are basically the same just a different seller. The picture I took is just to show that the cord is pretty short as others have mentioned.

            The lights won't stay where you want them real well if the clip is sideways like I have it. If they are coming up from the clip it is better, but if you have a tall plant like mine I had to work with it a bit to get how I wanted and then the short cord limits your customization a bit as well. Overall, you have to keep in mind this is really inexpensive. If you have tall plants there are different options besides this clip one you can do. It has made a difference in the rapid growth of my plants and again I can't say enough about how easy the controls are and I appreciate the readout to know what you are selecting.