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      Opt in for energy-efficient lighting solution with very low maintenance cost! Our LED lights have a high brightness output while keeping very low heat output. These tubes are composed of state-of-the-art, shatterproof materials and engineered to last in a wide range of environments


      These clear LED tube lights are compatible with most existing fixtures. Fluorescent replacement is simple and LED retrofit can be done easily with a ballast bypass (direct wire) installation.


      • Workspace and warehouse lighting
      • Grocery stores and retailers
      • Kitchen lighting, office, ospitals lights
      • School buildings, classrooms and hallways
      • Supermarket, Garage, Shops, etc.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 46 reviews
      Lorne Nimmons
      Great Custjomer support. Mia and Elina

      Thanks to the support people Mia and Elina I persevered with the order although it looked a bit bleak at the start with the huge shipping costs but that was repaired when we found the product could be sourced in Canada.

      The lights themselves are very bright compared to the florescent T8, maybe a second or two slower to come on which is not a problem to worry about. The price ended up being about the same as replacing the ballasts but I think the LED is a better solution.

      Mia was the point person on my order and she was absolutely fabulous. Answered all my klutz questions seemingly with a smile.


      Alan Waranis
      Smart Upgrade

      The LED tubes were packaged well and they all worked. Each tube uses only 24 W compared to the original 40 W fluorescent bulbs. Plus the LED tubes provide more light than the fluorescent bulbs and will last longer.

      Sgt. McGrath

      Bought a box of 12 and only (3) worked the rest were duds.

      Lee 44149
      Instant on in cold garage

      Excellent. Made my garage much brighter. Hope they last longer than old florescent tubes. Only time will tell.

      Installed 12 of these as replacement for 40W florescent lights. They are very bright and consume ...

      Installed 12 of these as replacement for 40W florescent lights. They are very bright and consume 24 watts each. You do have to bypass the ballast. The package includes the new wiring diagram. I would have given 4 stars because one of the lights was defective and did not come on, but emailed their support and they sent me a 4-pack as replacement.