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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 12 reviews
      Robert E Alford
      t8 u hangers are great

      these work perfect--advise anyone to buy these for tube light

      Joe H.
      These Clips Work Well to Secure 8ft LED Lamp Tubes

      I used one of these clips to secure and support each 8 ft long LED lamp tube that I installed as a replacement for a T12 fluorescent lamp tube. Installation is easy, although you need to take some precautions to ensure that you don't throw metal shavings into your eyes when drilling the hole needed for each clip to secure it with a single screw -- which you must provide -- to the metal housing of your existing ceiling lamp fixtures. A single clip near the center of the 8 ft length of the lamp tube is completely adequate to support the otherwise flimsy 8 ft LED lamp tube that is prone to sag along its length.For installation, I first installed the clip partially on the LED tube after installing the tube in the lamp fixture, then used a marker to mark where to drill. Then I removed the LED tube and clip and marked the metal fixture housing with a center punch to prevent the drill bit from walking.

      Spring clip with rubber coating

      I used a small sheet metal screw to mount the clips. They are sized to hold the tubes with a strong grip that shouldn't come loose. Overall a good product and easier to install than the clips that came with the new led tubes. Which do need the support on the 8ft length as they sag quite a bit in the fixture.

      Garren King
      These Clips Are Must Have

      If your converting 8' lights then these clips are a must. I have been to multiple locations with converted fixtures that did not have clips and all of them had the LED sagging problem. I put one clip per bulb centered on each fixture using small self tapping screws. These hold the LED tube tight and keeps it from sagging over time.

      Harold Green
      Great Price

      Great price, fast shipping works great.