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      • Power: 24Watt
      • Luminous Flux: 3000LM
      • LEDs: 192pcs SMD 2835 LED Chips
      • Input Voltage: AC100~240V 50/60Hz
      • Color Temperature: 6000K Cool White
      • Color Rendering Index(CRI): 80
      • Beam Angle: 270 Degree
      • Base: Bi-pin G13 Base (Dual-End Power)
      • Length: 4Foot (47.75" including pins)
      • LED Working Temp:-30-50 degree
      • Cover: Clear
      • Material: High Strength Aluminum, PC
      • Lifespan: 50,000 Hours
      • Packaging: LED Tubes + Instruction Manual

      The Seller Reminding:

      • Risk Of Shock - Disconnect Power Before Installation
      • Make sure to remove or bypass the electronic ballast if it is existing in the fixtures
      • Any questions or need help, please reach us through User Manual!


      Opt in for energy-efficient lighting solution with very low maintenance cost! Our LED lights have a high brightness output while keeping very low heat output. These tubes are composed of state-of-the-art, shatterproof materials and engineered to last in a wide range of environments


      These clear LED tube lights are compatible with most existing fixtures. Fluorescent replacement is simple and LED retrofit can be done easily with a ballast bypass (direct wire) installation.


      • Workspace and warehouse lighting
      • Grocery stores and retailers
      • Kitchen lighting, office, hospitals lights
      • School buildings, classrooms and hallways
      • Supermarket, Garage, Shops, etc.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 31 reviews
      Walter N.
      Extremely bright fluorescent replacement LED light, but emits EMI.

      I ordered a 4-pack to replace the fluorescent lights in my garage. I was trying to solve two problems. First I have a large area (three car garage) lit by only two 48" dual tube shop light fixtures mounted on the ceiling and I did not want to add additional fixtures to get adequate lighting. Second the LED light needed to have a very wide angle light dispersion pattern to throw the light to the front and back of the garage. These JESLED lights solved both issues by being very bright and the V-shaped dual row LED's throw the light laterally much better than single row LED tubes. The lights were packaged extremely well and all arrived in working order. They were very easy to install. I reused the tombstones in my fixtures and harvested the 18ga solid wire from the ballasts to hook them up to the 120V line so no additional parts needed to be purchased.Be aware these LED tubes are not UL listed and radiate Electromagnetic interference in the AM radio band around 740 Khz. So this could be a problem for someone installing a bunch of these in a warehouse or office space and could cause issues with LF/MF radio equipment like garage door openers. I did NOT see any interference in the FM radio band between 88 Mhz and 108 Mhz and presumably higher. Overall, very satisfied with this product but deducting one star because of the EMI. JESLED should easily be able to figure out the source of the EMI and make design changes to suppress it.

      wow their brite

      i put these lights in the kitchen(not my shop) in place of the old style flo tubes,these tubes are less wattage used and the briteness isnt even much briter that i thought the wife wouldnt like how brite it made the kit. but to my supprise she loves it.

      Easy Install

      Install took less than an hour to remove ballast from two fixtures. I am not an electrician so I went on YouTube and just followed the directions on how to do it.

      Love these bulbs!

      I love these bulbs, I had purchased 25 of the 8 foot bulbs and they were great, so I ordered the 4 foot bulbs. They are bright, and also easy to install.I would purchase these bulbs again.

      Edward C. Charney
      It's bright again.

      It was easy to convert, and provided exceptional brightness.