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      Product parameters

      • Power: 50W
      • Luminous Flux: 6000LM
      • LEDs: 384PCS SMD 2835 Epistar LED Chips
      • Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
      • Color Temperature: 5000K Daylight White
      • Beam Angle:270 Degree
      • Cover: Clear
      • Package: 4-Pack
      • Base: Single Pin Fa8 Base (Dual-End Powered)
      • Length: 8 Foot (93.89" including pins)
      • LED Working Temperature:-30-50 degree
      • Color Rendering Index( CRI ): 80
      • Material: High Strength Aluminum, PC
      • Life Span: 50,000 Hours


      • Please turn off the power before all work starts
      • Be sure to remove the ballast and starter
      • Please don't forget to refer to the installation manual
      • Any questions or need help, please reach us

      High Performance

      • Length: 8ft (93.89" including pins)
      • Power: 50W
      • Cover: Clear Cover
      • LEDs: 384 Pcs SMD2835 Epistar Chips
      • Luminous Flux: 6000LM
      • Beam Angle: 270 Degree
      • Input Voltage: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
      • Color Rendering Index( CRI ): 80
      • Life Span: 50,000 Hours

      Easy to Install

      • Base: Single Pin Fa8 Base (Dual-End Powered)
      • Instant-on, no flickering
      • Easy ballast bypass, no starter
      • Can replace the old fluorescent f96t12 bulb easily by removing the ballast

      Widely Applicated

      • Working Temperature: -30-50 Degree Celsius
      • No UV or IR radiation
      • Workspace and warehouse lighting
      • Grocery stores and retailers
      • Kitchen lighting, Office, Hospitals lights
      • School buildings, classrooms and hallways

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 150 reviews
      8' t-12 replacement

      Installed these in high bay area of a fire department garage area. the light output was awesome. Easy to install. Fast forward 1 year later. I have lost 3 lamps due to failure of driver, I replaced 60 lamps in all in the beginning, I guess time will tell how well they will last.

      Dee Bee
      These LED bulbs bring forth light into the dakness

      I had a number of old florescent T12 fixtures with the FA8 single pin bulbs that were beginning to fail. I needed a solution to replace the old bulbs with something that would be a place and forget solution. These LED bulbs from JESLED provided this solution. They are brighter than the old florescent tubes and the daylight color make the work area pop with clarity. I like the V-shape dual LED as it cast the light better than straight down.Installation was a breeze once I decided to replace the tombstones with new ones made by JESLED. I attempted to use the old tombstones but the new LED bulbs would not make proper electrical contact as the JESLED LED bulb pins were about 1/16" shorter and narrower than the original florescent T12 bulbs.After removing the ballast I opted to replace the wiring as it was nearly 60 years old. Using the new tombstones with new wiring allowed me to eliminate all the wire nuts making for a clean install. Using the JESLED tombstones is a must and made it real easy to upgrade the old florescent fixtures to LED bulbs.I noticed that the new JESLED LED bulbs sag in the middle. I was concerned about the stress this might put on the bulb and the LED's so I ordered the JESLED T8 U Clips Holder Bracket and will install one or two clips per bulb to provide additional support when they come in.It took me less than thirty minutes per fixture to gut the old ballast, old wiring, decrepit tombstones, then clean 60 years of dust and grime from the old fixture, install the new wiring, and install the new tombstones. The end results make the effort worthwhile.

      richard g. sadler
      works great should bought one years ago

      great lights

      Eric Mira
      The 96" led bulbs will sag in the middle. Not a big deal but be aware you may want to add a support.

      Huge improvement in brightness inside my barn. Nice bright light' now all my other florescent bulbs look amber! I will be replacing those as well. No more transformers to fail and I'm saving on my power bill. Win Win...

      Uncle Percy
      very bright

      These tubes are slightly directional, this fits perfectly for use over workbenches and machinery.