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      Bright, Low Electricity Usage, High Output

      JESLED 2ft LED grow lights provide a full-spectrum light source for only using 20 watts each for indoor plants.

      • It can be a perfect substitute for daylight. White light output can not only reduce farming costs and extend the flowering period, but also increase the synthesis of chlorophyll to increase yield.
      • It is great and inexpensive solution to keep your plants not only alive but thriving!


      1. Power OFF when installing the Lights!!! Please read the manual before doing the job. A licensed electrician is recommended

      2. The optimal distance from the plant to the lights is between 6 inches~40 inches.


      • Package:6-Pack
      • Power:20W
      • Frequency:50/60HZ
      • Input voltage:AC 100~240V
      • Light Source:Full Spectrum
      • Material:PC+Aluminum
      • Life:≥45,000 hours
      • Beam Angle: 270 degrees


      Red Light

      It is essential for the early life of plant seed germination, root growth and bulb development.It helps to effectively germinate, bloom, and enhance photosynthesis for better results.

      Blue light

      It is an indispensable wave for the synthesis of chlorophyll, which is conducive to photosynthesis and the growth of stems and leaves. It ensures plants absorb more energy through the synthesis of chlorophyll, thereby helping plants grow.

      Green light

      Little green light plays an important role in plant development, flowering, stem growth, chloroplast gene expression and the regulation of plant growth.

          Plug and PLay & Linkable

          Two Connection Options

          • You can connect up to 8 2FT LED grow lights through 47 inches cables or small connectors.
          • The plug-and-play and linkable design greatly reduces installation costs and time.

          Timed Control

          • With this timer device, you don‘t have to worry about waste of electricity. You can turn on the timer at night, and it will automatically turn off at sunrise the next day.

          Package Include

          • 6 x JESLED LED Grow Lights 2FT
          • 5 x Extension Cord
          • 2 x Timing Control Switch
          • 12 x Installation Accessories
          • 6 x Dust Cap
          • 24 x Cable Tie

          This full-spectrum LED Grow Light is suitable for the growth of most plants. You can put them on the growing rack at home or in the greenhouse for indoor plants.

          Ideal for Seedings, Cuttings, Flowers, Veggies, Succulents,Herbs, House Plants and More.

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 1 review
          Works great!

          My wife is super excited to use these for growing all her seeds. Very pleased with these and cannot wait to get more and set up a little growing station for her.