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      JESLED, devoted to Lighting and Energy Saving since 2009, mainly focused on LED Tubes, LED Bulbs and Outdoor Solar Lights.

      Nowadays, JESLED has a complete quality management system and 5 manufacturing factories with total land area of 250,000 square feet and 600 employees. We dedicated to teams of R&D, engineers and quality managements. Our products are widely used in commercial lighting and home lighting, and most of them are greatly appreciated around the world.


      All JESLED people represent our company and values, and focus on providing better led lights and service to make a brighter future. We value innovation and dare to challenge ourselves and care about our customers and every member of the team. JESLED people make everything possible.


      JESLED aims to deliver Energy Saving, High Quality, Affordable, Easy-to-install and Easy-to-use LED Lights.