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      • 4 x LED T8 Integrated Tube Light Fixtures
      • 3 x 9.8 Inches Power Cords
      • 4 x Dust Caps & Connectors
      • 16 x T8 Mounting Clips
      • 16 x Rubber Plug & Screws
      • 3 x 11.8 inches Connectors Cords
      • 1 x 59 inches Switch Cords


          1. Double row LED, 384 pieces LED Chips, high output, is brighter than the V shape dual-row lights.
          2. Plastic cover is safter than glass bulb cover.
          3. Cut energy costs by 57%
          4. Mercury-free, No health hazard
          5. Easy to install, Lightweight, Long lifespan.


          • LEDs: 384 X SMD 2835
          • Voltage: AC100-240V / 50~60Hz
          • Power: 72W
          • Light Color: Cool White
          • CRI> 83
          • Color Temperature: 6000K
          • Luminous flux: 9360lm
          • Cover: Clear Cover
          • Materials: Aluminum Alloy + PC
          • Lamp Net Weight: 0.8kg/unit

            Customer Reviews

            Based on 19 reviews
            Jasper Jonson
            High quality, great price, sturdy in cold and hot weather

            Easily installed. Very bright and great for a garage in Minnesota. Highly functional in both cold (-10 F) and hot (110 F) weather. Easily expandable with the extra connections provided for additional sets.

            Leslie Choo
            Great buy.

            These lights are great. You will have to make your own plugs from the pigtails provided. You get one plug for the four lights. I welded a piece of 1" tube to 1/4 plate and screwed it to a tree for camping lights.

            Awesome LEDs. Hope they last.

            I bought these lights for my 20' x 20' shop. After testing with the first 4 lights I ordered another set of 4. They are bright and easy to install. I left the hanger brackets just a little loose so they can swivel to match up with the lights. I liked having multiple wiring options and being able to connect them end to end. The bad news was, after 5 weeks 2 of the lights stopped working. But the GOOD news is, I contacted the company and their response was prompt and satisfying: they are replacing my defective lights. And since the lights are so easy to install (and uninstall) it is a simple thing to replace the lights. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend these lights to anyone needing to light a shop or garage.

            Very lightweight, good value, plenty bright

            The lights work great. Most have been installed in a workshop/garage. Just one row of lighting is plenty to retrieve items or do small tasks in the shop. All three rows is plenty of lighting for working on projects.

            The lights weigh so little (maybe a pound per 8 ft strip)compared to older fluorescent fixtures that they are easy to install. The metal clips that come with the lights to hang them feel a bit flimsy. I used plastic screw in concrete anchors and 4 of the holders to mount each 8 foot light. Then a line of caulk or glue to ensure these stay up forever.

            When the package of Lights first arrived there were four damaged lights either bent aluminum frames or broken plastic ends. I contacted the company and after providing photos they sent ones to place the broken fixtures without any hassle.

            Some of the lights have been installed for more than a month now and the only issue I've seen is that the strips will sometimes flicker if it is connected to a dimmer switch, but never when connected normally.

            Tom B.
            What a great improvement over florescent lighting!

            These are light and bright. Easy to place and use and such a tremendous smooth even light. I'm going to replace all the florescent light fixtures in my garage and I highly recommend them to anyone who want better, more consistent and reliable lighting. Be sure to also order the 3 prong power cords that are not included , the 10' cords to daisy chain them are included. Those can be bought separately and can be found in several lengths and some with switches. Again, the 3 prong power cords are not included from this seller, however, the deal for 4 of these is great. Bottom line WOW!