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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 19 reviews
      Room for improvement

      Really impressed especially with 3 colour temperature options, usb charging option and emergency continue mode. What these lights need now to be the best is to make them angle adjustable same for solar panel. Jesled it makes other model angles adjustable but colour temperature is only one cool light. In the picture below the 5th light to right hand side is Jesled.

      Great company and products

      I ordered 2 of these lights, one had a little problem with it, but the customer service took care of it, after a couple emails back and forth they sent me a replacement right away! Thats great service.. and the lights work great, just what I wanted for my back patio area!! This is not the first lights I bought from JESLED, I have also the 8 foot LED lights for my garage, and they are fantastic, and a price I can't beat anywhere else for this quality...

      Las Vegas Engineer
      Amazing Value Solar Flood Light

      Very good solar flood light. Normally these solar lights can not be used under a roof e.g. at the garage or at the wrong side of the fence because their solar panel is very small. This design actually allows you to mount the panel further out and it gives you many more application options around the house or in your backyard. The whale tale design (the package stated that Jesled has patented it), is really optimized in that regard. Many solar lights have different modes, but this one has also a battery discharge mode emitting bright light until the battery is discharged. Thus, if you need extended bright light in front of your garage or at your porch this could come in handy. One day of charging lasts 3-4 days of normal operation, but I guess if there is really bad weather for extended periods and very little sun, the usb charging option comes in handy. I charged the solar with my phone charger as well as with a power bank. Both worked via normal mobile phone micro usb. Really good value for the price currently offered. 24 months warranty is also something not ever seller does. Based on this, I can recommend this product and I will get myself a couple more. I hope they also soon offer warm white lights which will not emit so much light but will give some nice ambient light in some areas of my backyard. I will update my review if anything let me change my mind in future.

      Very bright

      I rated it 4 stars because it needs mounting ears that does not require it to be taken apart to mount it permanently. It hangs like a picture with slotted holes and can be stolen by just lifting it off the screws. Still, it works great with 3 brightness levels.

      scott schuster

      This really lit up my wifes night. Loves it.